Dear Alumni
Dear Member of the ITPP Alumni,

Dear Member of the ITPP Alumni,


On behalf of the ITPP Alumni Association, it is my pleasure to congratulate you on your graduation and welcome you to our membership! While you have spent your last several years or so closely linked to the ITPP campus in Seoul, your ITPP community just got a lot bigger. As you are no longer an ITPP student, your participation in the ITPP community has entered a new phase and will extend far beyond the years you have spent in Seoul.

I encourage you to take full advantage of the great professional, cultural, and academic programs and events that the ITPP Alumni Association organizes. Our programs provide a great opportunity to connect with fellow ITPP alums, share our common interests and make use of the ITPP cooperation network based on industrial, academic and governmental sectors of each of our countries. Our Vision is to develop the global platform created, in order to academically inspire specialists around the world in the field of IT Global Partnership, to generate substantial value for the IT industry.

If you have suggestions for alumni events in your area or ideas for improving communication, please let me know or contact the ITPP Office. We do want to hear your thoughts and suggestions. This is our Association and we aim to make it a great alumni organization! Each of you is an important part of the heritage of ITPP, and we want to strengthen that heritage by celebrating you and your accomplishments as well as those of our “alumni-to-be.”

I wish you all the best on your post-graduation endeavors and I hope to meet you at future alumni events.



Mihaela Apostol